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Bhitarkanika, lying in the estuarine region of Brahmani-Baitarani rivers in the north eastern corner of Kendrapara district of Orissa, is the second largest viable mangrove eco-system of India.

Huge area of mangrove forests and wetland of Bhitarkanika is intersected by a network of creeks with Bay of Bengal on the East. It houses some 215 species of birds, including wetland migrants from central Asia and Europe, menacing salt water or estuarine crocodiles, and a lot of other fauna species like spotted deer, hyenas, fish cats, leopard cats, and big monitor lizards. The eight different species of kingfisher make the park even more special.

Bhitarkanika National Park is recognized as a RAMSAR site and is renowned all over the world for its rich biodiversity.

During their stay in our resort, guests can indulge in nature walks, boat tours, fishing or nature walks in the village and do everything they should have fancied for memorable eco-tourism holidays in India.

Country India
Languages spoken

Oriya is the principal language spoken in and around Bhitarkanika, like it is in the rest of Odisha. A lot of people, however, can understand and speak Bengali here. A lot of people can understand Hindi, though speaking this language is quite rare.

English is not understood by most people in Bhitarkanika area. Guests can, however, manage with English at our resort. Local staff working with the resort can manage some basic English.

Currency usedIndian Rupees
Area (km2)672 km2

Best Time to Visit info

Bhitarkanika National Park is closed from 1st May to 31st July every year for crocodile breeding season. Best time to see birds is from 1st August till end of October.

For crocodiles, best time to see is from 1st of October to February end, and again during April. It starts getting warmer in the day from middle of February and continue to be so till April end.

Evenings are normally quite pleasant in Bhitarkanika area throughout the year. It can rain quite heavily during monsoon season. Area is also prone to cyclones.

What to do info

From our resort, you can go for jungle safari in the forest by boat (that is the only way to do jungle safari in Bhitarkanika). You can go for jungle trekking on a pathway laid down by the Forest Department. This is a long trek of more than 7km. You can see wild pigs, deer, lots of native bird varieties and, if lucky, even jungle cats and fish cats.

In Bhitarkanika area you can go out boating in the rivers in front of our resort. You can go to Dhamra, a place situated right on the mouth of River Brahmani. You can see the river meeting Bay of Bengal. While visiting Dhamra you can visit Dhamrai temple - the place where locals participate and enjoy a week long fair every year during middle of January.

From our resort you can also go on to enjoy a lovely Pentha Beach. It is around 36km from our resort. The beach is absolutely flat and fit to do swimming on most days when weather is good. Pentha Beach forms a part of Gahirmatha Marine Sanctuary.

Those interested in exploring rural life of Odisha and how the village economy works in this area can go on to visit some of the villages by foot. A road goes along the river with villages lined on one side of the road. You can go on to drive on this road for quite a long distance. You can also see Dhamra Sea Port from a distance. This gives nice photo opportunity.

Another thing which tourists can do from the resort is to take a boat excursion to Udabali. Though Udabali is not very nicely maintained, the boat route to the place is nice. It goes close to Dhamra Sea Port and you can also see a Naval Port from where naval ships take supplies to Kalam Island (earlier Wheeler Island).

Someone willing to travel deep into sea can think of exploring Habalikuti. It is an island which can be reached by a boat ride of around four hours from the resort. This is also a part of Gahirmatha Marine Sanctuary. Forest Department has some tented accommodations and rooms here. Tourists can plan a night out there. The beach there is pristine and absolutely pollution free. Make sure not to leave any plastics and bottles there.

You can also plan a day visit to the Habalikuti. But such a visit will be quite hectic.

CHR0001 Cherry Resort, Bhitarkanika

CHR0001 Cherry Resort, Bhitarkanika

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