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Gorumara, situated in Jalpaiguri distrct in West Bengal, is located near River Murti and Raidak. Gorumara National Park is rich in vegetation with sal trees being most common. Teak, siris and jhair are also found here.

Forest officials speak of presence of a variety of animals in the forest. But realistically speaking, please visit the place only to enjoy nature, greenery, river and rural life of Bengal. Do not expect to see any wildlife except in summer season when visibility of wild elephants become easier; even while crossing highways. Peacock and some deer is what guests should realistically see on jeep safaris. If guests decide to visit Medlahat Watch tower, there are chances they can see some rhinoceros.

Visitors can use Gorumara as a base to explore Jhalong and Bindu on the borders with Bhutan.

Country India
Languages spoken

Bengali is the main language in Gorumara. However, general population can understand and speak fair bit of Hindi. Some educated people can also understand and speak English.

Currency usedIndian Rupees
Area (km2)79.45 Km2

Best Time to Visit info

Gorumara is closed from 15th June to 15th September every year. Visitors can visit anytime after this. Weather is on the pleasant side from late October to the middle of February. During summer it gets warmer but chances of spotting wild elephants are easier.

What to do info

Guests can go for jungle safari at Gorumara and Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary. You can go for sightseeing tour to Samsing, Suntaleykhola, Rocky Island, Jhalong, Bindu, Jaldhaka Valley and Lava.

CHR0008 Cherry Resort Gorumara

CHR0008 Cherry Resort Gorumara

Dakshin Dhupjhora, Dooars, Gorumara
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