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Jaldapara, situated at the foothills of eastern Himalayas, is known for its population of one-horned rhinos. Jaldapara was declared a wildlife sanctuary in 1991 and later in 2012 it was upgraded to the status of a national park. Rivers Torsha and Malangi flow through this rain forest. The forest is mostly covered with tall grasses and has a rich variety of wildlife.

Besides one-horned rhinos, there is a possibility of sighting spotted deer, hog deer, wild pigs, bisons and rarely even tigers and leopards. A large varieties of birds are also found in Jaldapara. Some of the bird varieties found here are jungle fowls, peafowls, lesser pied hornbill, Palla’s fishing eagle and crested eagle. Bengal Florican is one rare species found in Jaldapara.

Reptiles like python, cobras, monitor lizards, geckos are also found in Jaldapara. This is also home to a few varieties of fresh water turtles.

Country India
Languages spoken

Bengali is the most common language spoken in the whole Jaldapara area. However, vast majority of the population can understand and speak fair bit of Hindi. There are some who can speak Nepali and Rajasthani. Some convent educated people can speak and understand English as well.

Currency usedIndian Rupees
Area (km2)216.5 km²

Best Time to Visit info

Jaldapara is closed from 15th June to 15th September every year. Guests can visit Jaldapara anytime after this. Weather is on the pleasant side from late October to the middle of February. During summer it gets warmer but chances of spotting wild elephants easily are quite higher.

What to do info

Guests can visit elephant and jeep safari in Jaldapara National Park. They can also go for jeep safari at Chilapata Forest. A sightseeing tour to Totopara (village of Toto Tribe) and Buxa Tiger Reserve Forest can be a good experience as well. Visitors can also spend quality time on the banks of River Jayanti.

CHR0007 Cherry Hotel, Jaldapara

CHR0007 Cherry Hotel, Jaldapara

Madarihat, Jaldapara
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