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Jaisalmer town is situated in Thar Desert in Rajathan, quite close to borders with Pakistan. The town was founded by Maharawal Jaisal Singh, a Yadav king, in 1156 AD. It is named after him only. The very word “Jaisalmer” means “The Hill Fort of Jaisal”.

Jaisalmer is also referred to as the “Golden City” because most of the houses in the town and Jaisalmer Fort are made of yellow sandstone, giving a distinct golden-yellow colour to the whole town.

Jaisalmer Fort is the most famous attraction of this desert town. The Fort is still inhabited by several people living in its various twisted lanes. These are the people who were inhabited by the rulers of Jaisalmer over a period of time. There are shops and businesses lined up in the lanes looking to sell stuff to the tourists visiting. There is a Royal Palace as well. Visitors to Jaisalmer can take a tour of the Fort and visit some parts of this palace as well.

Jaisalmer once thrived on trade with those traders who traded through the famous Silk Route. However, after ports developed and overland trade routes disappeared from business map, importance of Jaisalmer declined drastically. A fresh lease of life was given to the town by rise in tourism. Almost whole population of the town now depends directly or indirectly on inflow of tourists for their livelihood.

Visa requirements

Foreigners need visa to visit India. But there is no special requirements for visiting Jaisalmer. Indians do not require any special permission for visiting either. But all Indians need to carry a photo ID card with address. This is a must for check in all the hotels and resorts.

Languages spoken

Rajasthani is the local dialect of common population. However, Hindi is understood and spoken by almost everyone in Jaisalmer. English is understood and spoken only by some of those who work in hotels and resorts. Senior hotel and resort officials can understand and speak English fluently.

Currency usedIndian Rupee (INR). Some hotels may accept US Dollars, Pounds and Euro as well.

Best Time to Visit info

Best time to Visit Jaisalmer is winters. Weather is pleasant during winter with warmer day and cooler evening. One can enjoy camel ride and also bonfire in the evening in desert camps. The vibrant Desert Festival here in February attracts tourists from all over the world.

Summer is extremely hot in Jaisalmer with temperature rising as much as 50 degrees. Rainfall is scanty in Jaisalmer, even though rainfall in recent years have generally been more than normal because of frequent weather phenomenon called western disturbances.

What to do info

A visit to Jaisalmer Fort is the biggest attraction in Jaisalmer. Take a guided tour of the Fort and see how the Fort has seen continuous habitation ever since its beginning. Go through the various lanes of the Fort. There is a grand Jainese temple within the Fort itself. Take an aerial view of Jaisalmer town from the ramparts of the Fort.

There are other important interesting monuments worth exploring in Jaisalmer. Go on to visit Patwon Ki Haveli. One can see intricate carvings and inlay works on the walls of the house. Later, go on to visit Gadisar Lake - the lake which kept Jaisalmer water sufficient even in the worst of summers.

A walk to Sadar Bazar is worth taking. You can buy some traditional Rajasthani clothes here. Try some local sweets.

One can take a visit to Thar Desert toward evening. Take a camel safari in the desert and enjoy cultural program later in the evening in one of the desert camps. Folk Rajasthani music, songs and dances are performed for the visitors. Enjoy a delicious dinner at the camp and return to the hotel.

One can also plan to visit Desert Museum and Heritage Museum.

There is a ghost town in the deserts of Jaisalmer. It is called Kuldhara. The town has been abandoned for over two centuries. There are stories floating around as what led to sudden abandonment of this town.

CHR0010 Cherry Desert Camp Jaisalmer

CHR0010 Cherry Desert Camp Jaisalmer

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