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Pokhar, a very renowned tourist destination, is located on Pehwa Lake in Kaski District in Nepal. It is situated 200km west of Kathmandu. Pokhara was recntly merged ith the town of Lekhnath to create a new city called Pokhara Lekhnath. he altitude of Pokhara varies from 827 metres (2,713 feet) in the southern part to 1,740 metres (5,710 feet) in the north.
Pokhara is the gateway to Ananapurna circuit for trekkers and other visitors. Annapurana Range, famous for three high mountains, namely Dhaulagiri, Annapurana I and Manaslu, is quite close to Pokhara.

Country Nepal
Languages spoken

Nepal has more than 93 languages, many of which are spoken in the Pokhara region and within Pokhara city. The major ones are Nepali and the Nepal Bhasa language. Nepali being the official language of the country enjoys wide use. English is also widely used, especially in the tourist dominated areas.

Currency usedNepalese Rupees
Area (km2)464.2 km²

Best Time to Visit info

You can visit Pokhara throughout the year except during monsoon when it rains quite heavily. From late March to June end, the weater is quite pleasant in Pokhara. After the end of monsoon, from October onwards, the weather is absolutely pleasant. Winter months are also quite good for a visit to Pokhara, even though it gets quite cold. It does not snow in Pokhara but it snow on the adjoining Himalayan mountains visible from Pokhara.

What to do info

Pokhara is known for offering some of the best trekking routes. Annapurana Circuit is loved by trekkers from all arund the world. Besides trekking, visitors can indulge in activities like boating, paragliding, hiking, pony rides or even just relaxing sitting idle at lake sides. One must go on to enjoy scanning through some of the finest handicraft works in the markets of Pokhara. These are the best produced in Nepal and can be good souvenirs from Nepal.

Davis waterfall is a popular excursion from Pokhara. A visit to Sarangkot, which offers mesemrizing sunset views, is also highly recommended. Visits to nearby beautiful Nepalese villages is always a good idea in Pokhara.

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